Creative Ideas for Group Prayer

January 21, 2011 — 5 Comments

Here are a list of creative ideas for group prayer:

  • Make prayer the first thing you do together instead of the last (or mix it up).
  • Instead of asking people for their prayer requests, just go straight into prayer and see how the Holy Spirit leads.
  • Occasionally pray through different topics, instead of only praying for each other.
    • Incorporating this into the group prayer time isn’t intended to ignore the immediate needs in people’s lives, but it’s to help people look beyond their everyday circumstances.
    • i.e. Current events, your city, your coworkers, your neighbors, non-believers, your church, local, national, and world leaders, specific countries, missionaries, the persecuted church, etc.
  • Pray through scripture
    • Read a Psalm, or another passage of scripture, discuss it, and then go into prayer.
  • Split the group into a smaller sub group, and then pray for one another.
  • Don’t always ask general questions like, “How can I pray for you?” Instead, ask specific questions like, “What do you sense God wanting to do through you in the coming weeks?” or “How has God been working in your life this week?”
  • Instead of having one person praying at a time, have everyone pray aloud at the exact same time (“concert prayer”).
    • You can pray through different topics, such as, your small group, your church, your pastors and staff, your family members, the lost, and yourselves.
  • Sing your prayers together
    • i.e. Sing a worship song together as a prayer to God.
  • Word prayers
    • Start with a sentence like, “God I thank you for…” or “God, please help me with…” and let everyone finish that prayer with their word.

Q. Do you have any other ideas? Have you tried these out? How did it turn out?

  • Elroy

    I like the suggestion to read the Bible and then respond to the passage by praying about it. When we are praying God’s Word for other people it ensures we are praying God’s will.

    • Daniel Im

      That’s such a good point Elroy! Plus, as we are praying God’s word, our prayer language becomes a bit less “me” centered and more “God” centered because it’s becoming more biblical.

      • Sarah

        I also love how scripture gives me words to articulate thoughts I didn’t even know I had. Somehow, there is such an emotional and intimate connection with God, when we realize He’s not only communicated His Truth in the Word, somehow he’s captured my own feelings and emotion before I even knew I had it…..

  • Donna Korpatniski

    Ilike to pray in alphabetical order and ask God to show me who to pray for starting from A-Z!!!

  • Brenda Dubilowski

    I am also going to spend more time meditating on Psalms, memorizing scripture and knitting God’s word into my heart! :-) So many great ideas for growth here.